PIR SULTAN ABDAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATES USA is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 . PIR SULTAN ABDAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATES USA is the only voluntary organization caters for the Alevi people living in USA especially those in New York & New Jersey.

Our mission is to promote the values of the Alevi culture both within and outside of our community by networking with groups and organizations that they are aiming to enhance the horizons of their members.
We will strive to improve access for the Turkish speaking communities to welfare services provided by voluntary groups and statutory agencies. We will establish networking opportunities with such service providers and will offer space and support for small community groups and youth clubs.
We will facilitate the provision of recreation and leisure activities for the communities. We will promote, encourage and motivate self-help groups instilling confidence and respect for others and ourselves.

Currently we run the following activities:
– General Advice and Information in English and Turkish languages.
– Drop in Centre and a luncheon club.
– Domestic Violence Support Service
– Drama, Folk Dancing, Music and sports activities
– Space hire and resources for voluntary groups.
– Funeral Services.
– Cem gathering for Alevi people.
– Youth and Parental Support service.

Who are the Alevis?

Alevi communities, together with the kindred Bektashi order, constitute the largest sectarian minority in Turkey. They make up anywhere between 15-25% of the population of Turkey, with smaller pockets of related groups in the Balkans. Alevis share in common with Shi’is an attachment to Twelve Imams, including Imam Ali and his eleven successors. They are, however, clearly set apart from shi’is, and from mainstream Islam in general, by the heavy doses of mysticism that mark their belief system which bears an affinity with Sufism and a number of pre-Islamic mystical traditions.
Alevism based on the idea that the individual is the microcosm of the entire universe, and that humans are the loci of God’s manifestation. This belief is concisely articulated by the Alevis in the saying “Whatever you seek, seek within the human.” Alevis, therefore, believe that showing kindness and generosity to fellow human beings is more important than following formal aspects of religion. The same value-system today sustains Alevis’ progressive politics and open-mindedness about gender equality.
A well-known Alei hymn by Riza Tevik (1869-1949), whom Alevis regard as one of the greats Alevi poets, revolves around this core Alevi idea which situates human beings at the center of their religion:

Come, o Dervish, come, don’t go afar
Whatever you seek, believe it is in you
Do not torture your self[nefs] in vain
If what you aim for is the Kaba, the All-Compassionate is in you
Do not wander in the desert looking at mirages
Do not look into the air saying “Allah, Allah”
If you are a seeker of truth, do not look for a book
If you know how to read, the Koran is in you.


1-First Meeting – was at Ali Baba Terace Restaurant February 2010

2-Acquaintance Picnic-  Paramus New Jersey June 2010

3-A  Special Day only for the Children-  New Jersey January 2011

4- First Birlik Cemi- First Cem ceremony in USA – New Jersey -February 2011

5-Mothers Day Celebration Party- New Jersey-May 2011

6-SAZ  ( is a stringed musical instrument )  Course Studies   New Jersey- June 2011

7-Camel Beach Water Park Trip- Tannersville, PA June 2011

8-Children’s Halloween  Party- New Jersey -October 2011

9-Kardes Turkuler & ArtoTuncboyacian  Concert  to benefit Van Earthquake victims.- Englewood , New Jersey-November 2011

10-Abdal Musa Birlik Cem Ceremony- New Jersey- April 2011

11-Pir Sultan Abdal Association Folklore Team performed at  Wheaton Arts Balkan Festival- Milllville , New Jersey – September 2011